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5 Ways To Make Money

For those of you who can’t rely on the bank of mum and dad, you might be wondering how you’re going to find some extra cash to tide you over for the year. Below, I have listed five different ways that you can increase the size of your bank account whilst still having time to focus on university and maintain a great social life. 

  1. Campus Ambassador

If you want a job based on marketing and advertising, then you’ll love this one! The best thing about it is that you can do it from the comfort of your own home for the most part as your role will mainly include sharing/uploading posts on social media. You might also be required to attend some virtual/in-person events. If you’re interested in a particular industry, I would recommend trying to become a brand ambassador for a company within your desired field. However, if you’re unable to do so, you can still gain some valid experience and earn a decent amount of money by representing most brands.

2. Unitemps

As the name suggests, Unitemps offers students temporary work. There are a variety of jobs that you can find on the site, such as a Library Assistant, a Facilities Supervisor and even a Student Blogger! There is a job for everyone on Unitemps. If you’re not keen on working more than a few hours a week, you can still find something. The pay for each role differs but you can decide on how much you expect to be paid and the hours you would like to work to filter out the best opportunities for you.

3. Sell Your Services

Are you good at art? Sell your work. Do people often compliment you on your makeup techniques? Start a YouTube channel and/or charge people who want your techniques done on them. University is the perfect time to use your God-given talents to make a pretty penny. Get your work out there by starting with friends, and you’ll slowly build up your client base from there. You can even post about the services you offer in group chats (be wary of spamming though – it’s not a good look for you or your business). 

4. Paid Internships 

Paid internships are excellent because you can kill two birds with one stone – you gain experience whilst getting money at the same time. They’re a good way to explore all the avenues that you’re interested in because since you’re getting paid, you won’t feel as though you’re wasting your time if you don’t like something. However, the internships that pay the most money often have a rigorous application process so a genuine interest in the industry needs to be demonstrated before applying. If you’re able to do this, then you’re one step closer to beefing up your CV and getting your graduate job. 

5. Retail

Last but not least, we have retail. If you worked in retail in your home town, try and transfer to the Coventry branch of the store. If this isn’t possible, then you’re going to have to go through the application process all over again, unfortunately. Times are hard, so most people will take whatever they can get but try to consider distance when applying to jobs. You might think travelling an hour to get to work is cool for the first month, but lengthy commutes eventually start to take a toll on you – trust me, I know. Try to negotiate pay where possible. Aim high so that if your request is denied you’re still happy with the amount you get. Be realistic though as this is still only a retail job so don’t expect a corporate salary.

I hope I’ve informed you about a few of the many ways that you can create new streams of income. Good luck and get that money!

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