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5 Tips For Surviving Freshers Week

Freshers Flu is real and at some point, in the first month you will get sick. Fresher or Final year you will get sick. Stock up on all the medication you can paracetamol, aspirin, horse tranquiliser… anything to get you through the first few weeks. You will quickly notice the splurge of runny noses, sniffles and coughs echoing through your lectures but don’t worry your immune system will get stronger and you will eventually recover.

You lucky fresh now have the pleasure of a Week 0, something before now did not exist. A week without lectures, commitments or academic burdens. Unfortunately, as I am now a bitter third year I have 17 hours of lectures/ seminars to ease me back into University life. If I did have a week 0 I would certainly make the most of trying out as many sport clubs/ societies as I could in that time. I have already done a blog about how much I value the extracurricular life Warwick offers so use this week to try new things.

During your first week here you’ll have people from all corners trying to give you free stuff… take it. Doesn’t matter if it’s only a pen, take that pen. A little bit late to blogging about Freshers Fair but over the next two days make sure you head over to the Piazza and the SU to grab anything free you can find including Pizza and Pot Noodles. Freshers flu miracle foods.

The first week is the best time to meet and talk to as many people as possible. After the first two weeks it becomes a little more difficult to meet new people as social groups will have formed. However, societies/ sports clubs are yet again a great way to meet new people outside the initial few weeks.

International students beware English people were born and raised in the cold, we’re used to it, you will soon be too. However, not yet, bring a jumper for the nights out. You will thank me. Also, don’t be afraid to mingle with people outside your mother tongue, having international friends they have told me it will take time to accustom to the variety of strange accents but your English will rapidly improve. Alcohol will help.

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