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5 tips for freshers doing their weekly shop

Most freshers will never have done a weekly shop for themselves and it can be very intimidating. There is a fair few option around Warwick of where to shop which can lead to some students into the trap of paying way too much for something, they could get far cheaper somewhere else. I want to share a little of my wisdom in the hopes that you can stay out of your overdraft and make life easier for yourself.  

  1. Rootes Grocery store- Ah the rootes shop, centre of campus, super convenient and at times very expensive. This place is great for last minute purchases perhaps if you’ve forgotten something from your shopping list or you need something quick for breakfast before a lecture but most students cannot afford to do their whole grocery shop there. Keep your eye out for deals though like the legendary 2 pizzas and a tub of Ben and Jerry’s for £5 last year. The quality is decent but just be careful not to frequent the place too much if you’re on a budget.  
  1. Alcohol- This is something that most students are eager to buy but they don’t necessarily know the best options for. Again, the rootes shop is very expensive for spirits though wine and beer can be a good price sometimes. Tesco is better for spirits and has a very wide selection, it’s a fan favourite for Westwood students in particular due to their proximity. However, my all-time favourite would 100% be Aldi. They often have specials that they bring out for the season like cloudy apple vodka, sloe and elderberry gin or pineapple rum which are so fun to try particularly on fresher’s week where you may find yourself getting tired of partying and you want to spice things up a bit. These are also very reasonably priced because most Aldi products are store brand but imitate well-known names. And for mixers you may want to try Iceland which is also in Canon park, it can be incredibly cheap when soft drinks are on offer.  
  1. Eat before you go shopping- This may sound trivial but it’s actually a really good way of saving money and reducing waste. If you’re hungry you will want to grab anything you set your eyes on and this means many unnecessary purchases. If you eat beforehand, you’ll usually stay more focused and spend a fair bit less from my experience.  
  1. Write a shopping list- A shopping list is a huge time saver and allows you to shop around. I always have Tesco and Aldi website open whilst I write my lists so I can get the best price for what I’m buying. Writing a list also helps you to plan meals for the weak rather than randomly buying items then realising you can’t cobble a meal together when you get home.  Shopping lists are just all round incredibly useful and this would be my biggest advice for freshers to follow.  
  1. Don’t overbuy- it’s easy to forget that you don’t have a car to take all your shopping back in like your parents usually would (unless you’re very lucky). Therefore, you need to remember to try and avoid doing more than a weeks’ worth of shopping at once because it’s going to be very heavy and difficult to carry. I try and do my shopping in baskets rather than a trolley if I have nobody else to help me carry things because then I can feel the weight of it and if it’s too heavy to carry in the shop it’s definitely too heavy to carry home. Some students will of course steal trollies to bring their things back in but it’s not exactly advisable.  

Hopefully these tips help some people out and if you want anymore information on the shopping facilities be sure to leave a comment. Have fun moving in! 

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