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5 Things to Keep in Mind While Pacing Yourself Through Term 3

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Hi All,

Term three is upon us already, which is a shock to most. After two long hard terms it can be understandably difficult to pace yourself through the final term. I wanted to write a short blog post about some of the things you could incorporate into your term 3 life that could help motivate you through the last few weeks of the academic year.

1) With regards to organisation work out what works best for you

There is no ‘right’ way to organise yourself or your revision. Do your best to avoid comparing the way you work with others. It sincerely does not matter if your best mate likes to do ten-hour stints in the library whilst you struggle to stay focused for more than 90 minutes. Work out how long you tend to stay focused for and structure breaks around it. It is so much more productive to work smarter rather than flogging yourself for hours on end just to so that you can say that you did. There are so many revision styles and techniques and every individual works in a different way- so avoid the temptation of comparison and focus on piecing together your own unique way of working.

 2) Remind yourself that the study season is only temporary

Sometimes if you are under a significant amount of pressure it can be easy to lose sight of the bigger picture. I have had times where I have been so set on reaching an academic goal that the entire learning process became a chore which ultimately led to me questioning if higher education was even right for me. It was a fleeting doubt, but only because I quickly reminded myself that it is much easier to fixate on the more taxing times at university than the rewarding ones. On the whole university can be an enriching and fun experience, don’t forget that this period of intense work won’t last forever, things will return to normally and time will free up for other things. Hang in there.

3) Make plans that you look forward to

Planning something that you enjoy into your routine can break up the monotony of working. It could be worth looking at getting involved in something outside of university. This could be useful as you can meet new people who have a common interests with you that don’t involve Warwick. As great as Warwick is, it does not have to be your entire life for three years.

Alternatively, if you have the budget look at planning a holiday or a small trip as a reward in the near future.

4)  Study outside your room

Numerous studies suggest that working in one room all day can seriously affect your productivity and wellbeing (link to a useful article here https://www.thealternativedaily.com/5-reasons-to-get-your-desk-out-of-your-bedroom/). Not only can studying all day in once place all day feel suffocating, but it can also make it difficult for you to psychologically and spatially differentiate between a place of work and rest. Getting out of the house can help break up the structure of the day and also this change of scenery helps preserve the notion that the home is a place of sanctuary.

5) Still keep in contact with tutors

Just because the majority of your classes have finished does not mean that support from tutors is no longer available. Of course most modules offer revision sessions, however if these fall short of your needs, don’t hesitate to contact your module leader for extra support. This can particularly useful if you are working on coursework and feel a little lost, it is important to remind yourself that you are entitled to help.


I hope some of these tips are useful for you- and I hope your term 3 goes smooth.





United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland (the)
Emma Barnard | Theatre & Performance Studies Contact Emma

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