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5 Things To Do On Valentines Day

Hey everyone! Valentines Day is slowly approaching and if any of you are single pringles and haven’t got much planned, hopefully I can suggest some great ideas for you to choose from so you have a great Valentines Day!

1. Go to Subway and get a free sub

This is literally top on my list of things to do on Valentines Day this year. Incase you haven’t heard, Subway is offering everyone a free 6 inch sub when you buy a large drink or 500ml water bottle this year on Valentines Day – AMAZING. I am beyond excited and you should all be too, so make sure you take advantage of the offer on Tuesday!

2. Watch Fifty Shades Darker with your pals

I feel like watching this with your friends would actually be a good laugh. It can be cringey at times and you’ll probably want to crawl up in your seat and die of awkwardness, but loads of people go to watch it with their friends!

3. Go for a pamper sesh and feel fabulous

If you start to get any annoying sad feelings of being without a valentine on Valentines day, instantly go and get pampered – it’s bound to make you feel better! Whether its nails, hair, anything – it’s a great thing to splurge on yourself and boost your self esteem.

4. Make a trip to Smack

Valentines Day has fallen on the best day this year, Tuesday, giving the perfect excuse to party your life away at Smack. Go with a big group of friends, ideally not all couples as you may get ditched and be left alone, but then theres no way that your Valentines Day won’t be amazing if you’re at Smack. Plus, you may even find future bae while you’re there which will create the perfect ending to the day…

5. Buy everything at Curiositea

I can imagine that Curiositea will have some sort of Valentines special going on, so take the opportunity and treat yourself to a sweet treat. The specials that they do are always amazing, I’m currently kicking myself for not buying something from their Biscuits specials menu that was on this week.

I hope those ideas were somewhat useful! However, if you’re broke or simply can’t be bothered to leave your room on Valentines Day, I recommend having a movie marathon of your most favourite films aka netflix and chill on your own, the best thing ever. Or round up your flat mates and watch movies together. Just be sure to occupy yourself and have fun – hope you all have a great Valentines Day!


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