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5 Things to do before starting Uni.

I wanted to come on here and talk to you a little about the kind of things you could be doing this summer before starting Uni which I think will not only make the transition easier but also help you feel comfortable and part of the community from day 1. 

1. Read 

This one is slightly hypocritical because I barely picked up  a book after my exams finished but considering that we have so much time on our hands this summer I think it would be a good place to start. When I say read I don’t even mean anything subject specific material but just in general. I think it’s really important to just have a wide knowledge bank and not only are books easy conversation starters, you will be surprised how much things you’ve read will sneak into your studies and help you broaden the way you think. 

2. Join the Groups 

Every year group chats are made either on Facebook or WhatsApp for the different accommodations, societies and subjects. I strongly advise you to join them, links will be sent out normally through social media so keep an eye out on twitter and Instagram for any updates.  I’m not close with everyone I spoke to on those groups but what it did help me do was feel comfortable when I got to Uni. The fact that you can see ‘familiar’ faces and names really helps you feel more at ease and even though they aren’t my best friends I know people who ended up not only course mates but flatmates and best friends too.

3.  Read up on the Societies

Unfortunately so much is up in the air for this upcoming year which includes the societies fair which happens in the first week on Uni. However, I feel like whether it happens as usual or end up online, I can’t stress to you enough the importance of just looking up what’s available before you get there. The lines are GIGANTIC and options are endless so if you have a look at what is already there and again, join any group chats if they have them, you can essentially test out the waters before you join. It also means that if you didn’t get a chance to see them at the fair you don’t completely miss out.

4.  Make a Checklist

I am a middle child, so my older sister has been through the whole Uni process before, I’ve also watched plenty cousins and family friends do it too so for me I was super chill about the whole thing. However, no matter how calm or confident you are that you’ve got everything sorted, it’s super important to write it down. I used my notes app and Pinterest. What  I would do is find pre-written checklists on Pinterest, then in my notes app have my headings; TECH/DOCUMENTS/ROOM/BATHROOM/KITCHEN. Under each one I would then jot down everything I needed to buy from the Pinterest lists then when it came to packing I used the Pinterest list for reference.

5. Practice some life skills 

I’ve been cooking for years now so that was never a worry for me at Uni but I know some people hadn’t even fried an egg before starting so I would take this time to just learn and practice. Learn how to cook, do laundry,  iron, use the hoover, wash dishes etc. I think it’s extremely important to just have that independence to do things for yourself and it will pay off when you get to Uni. The biggest thing I would say aswell would be to practice or at least read up on money management. How to budget yourself and save money. Term 1 was such a shock to my system because I didn’t realise how expensive it actually is to live on your own.  Personally, my student finance didn’t cover my rent so all my money came straight from mine and my parent’s pockets and I promise you money will disappear faster than you can blink if you’re reckless. When you get a chance, I recommend you look at how much money you will have coming in versus your expenses ( rent, groceries, laundry, travel) and be very clear with yourself about how much you actually have to spend etc. We’ve all been broke at one point but remember YOUR OVERDRAFT IS NOT YOUR MONEY! 

Stay safe guys, and message me if you have any questions. 


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