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5 Simple Revision Tips

1. Make a mental plan of what you’re going to do that day.

I attempted to make a revision timetable but I realised that I was pretty much wasting time by being the perfectionist that I am and trying to organize it. Whereas in reality, I change my mind everyday about what module I’m going to revise. Also, things don’t always go to plan due to distractions or your mood – sometimes I can get more done than expected, whilst other days I procrastinate to the max and talk to people non-stop. Although, setting yourself a revision goal every day can help to keep you motivated.

2. Have a supply of snacks – including both fruit and junk food.

Some may disagree with me on this, and obviously fruit is more important than junk food, but I think everyone needs a bit of sugar in the day to keep their energy up and to essentially make them happy. I went through a phase of being at the library and literally CRAVING junk food/dessert all the time, I couldn’t function or stop thinking about it. So, even one Kit-Kat a day can be so satisfying and make the biggest difference.

3. Put your phone away.

Having your phone next to you whilst working is impossible (I’ve come to realise), so now I turn my phone upside down whilst revising and allow myself to go on it when I’ve completed e.g. one lecture or a practice exam paper. You can tailor this to yourself – the longer you can go without going on your phone, the better. It ends up becoming a reward that I look forward to, so it can sometimes motivate me to do my work quicker… I’m probably addicted to my phone haha. On the super procrastinating days, I will put my phone away in my bag or give it to one of my friends. Also, try not to go on Facebook etc. on your laptop!

4. Sit in a secluded area.

As you get closer to your exams, you’ll soon realise that the social life of the lib is way too distracting and now it’s time to actually DO solid work. I personally can’t sit in any of the lib seats that are facing/surrounded by other students anymore. Even if I don’t know the students, I’ll always look up at people as they walk past or look out for people that I do know – and then go over and chat. Sometimes you can be so focused and not chat to people, but they’ll come over and chat to YOU. It’s a vicious cycle, so now I sit in the seats facing the windows. You’ll be amazed at how much work you can get done, and even though it makes lib life less social and entertaining, it’ll pay off on results day!

5. Have a period of down-time.

If you’re like me and do 10-12 hour lib shifts everyday, it can be hard to even find time to chill and literally do nothing. If you can, try to allow yourself some time at home to watch some You Tube videos or TV, or chill with your mates for an hour. Lately I’ve been getting home so late that I only have time to eat dinner and then go to sleep, so I watch You Tube on the bus home haha. You could also do this in the middle of your day as a revision break, but this is a danger zone for me because once I watch one video I can’t stop. It can be really beneficial therefore to let your brain switch off when you leave the library, so don’t feel guilty if you watch TV in bed for an hour every night – you probably deserve it!

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