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5 Reasons to Choose Warwick

I have so far loved my Warwick experience, hence I want to mention five reasons why one should choose Warwick. So let’s get to business straight away:

1) Academic Reputation:

This is the foremost consideration one should make on choosing the University and Warwick fulfilled the criteria for me. Particularly, Warwick’s Business School is highly targeted by top employers which is a renowned fact that can be confirmed by any of UK’s top business recruiters. There are numerous rankings positioning different Universities in different ways on different criteria that can also be subjective at times. However, Linkedin, a Professional Careers Website, bases its ranking on statistical evidence through the analysis of career outcomes of graduates. I study Accounting and Finance and for UK, Linkedin places Warwick as the Number 1 University for Accounting Careers, Number 5 for both Investment Banking and Finance. These are some popular paths people may take from my degree. Considering someone wants to build a career in Audit or Assurance in the future like me, they may not mind Warwick’s number 1 tag for Accounting. 😉

Secondly, the competitive atmosphere here breeds a desire to excel in students. This is because Warwick’s entry standards are quite high hence whoever I have talked to so far has got excellent High School results. This means that there are no usual 4-5 shining stars in the class, instead everyone is top tier. I see most people working harder than me and that forces me to compete.

2) Campus:

If it is possible for offer holders, I definitely recommend them to visit the campus on one of those Open Days. Warwick is a campus University, away from everywhere. It is just outside Coventry. However, as I was discussing with my friend, this isolation is quite enjoyable. The campus is like a small city with two banks, a large grocery store, a hairdressing saloon, a pharmacy, some restaurants and a Costa for those Coffee lovers. For those monthly groceries, we have a huge Tesco on a ten minute walk away from the central campus. The academic buildings are quite modern as well, and luckily the Business School was refurbished just before I joined. However, it is just not about city, we have country side as well in this lovely campus. There is a lake, a path in the woods, and quite a lot of greenery, and these parts of our campus shape up brilliantly for those Instagram or Snapchat posts. To establish my claims, I will like to mention that my like count was pretty good on the campus pictures that I posted on Instagram. I have put pictures to show some beautiful parts of our campus:

The Woods


Lakeside Halls


Picturesque Maths and Stats Building


3) Extra-Curricular Opportunities:

The extracurricular opportunities are endless on campus. There are numerous societies of different countries, languages, religions, interests like photography or more academic like Consulting, Accounting or Economics. It is an endless list that one can view on the Student Union website. Most societies organize great events which provides an opportunity to meet likeminded people and enjoy time. ‘Warwick Volunteers’ are a fantastic group with some great projects for students and some large opportunities like teaching young children in India or Africa.

4) Sports:

The focus is just not on academics in the Warwick bubble. There are people from all over the world with interests in all sorts of sports. To be honest about it, Warwick Sports satisfies those desires with an endless list of sports on offer. There are football pitches, tennis courts, cricket pitches and some other places to play the sports I do not know off. The sports center also has a Gym. Unfortunately, due to the typically late student realization of joining the gym, I chose another Gym on a ten minute walk from campus.

5) Career Support:

I somewhat have an idea that other departments also receive excellent career support at Warwick. However, I can speak more assuredly about my course. Warwick Business School has a dedicated Careers team. There are experienced career advisors whom students can book appointments with to discuss their plans, applications and all relevant career stuff. The academic societies like the ‘Warwick Finance Society’ or the ‘Warwick Consulting Society’ do an excellent job with those career events. Almost every week, they have 2-3 employer events where employers come to the University in the evenings where they either organize competitions, give advice on applications or basically just share their job experiences with us. They try to shine light on different career paths for typical lost souls like us. And the best part is that these events usually offer free Pizza which may sound insignificant to you until you start your survival jouney at Uni. And as I write this, I am eating a burned garlic bread that I forgot I had put on the oven and came to my room to write this blog. Thankfully, its 3 AM and none of my flatmates are awake to witness this shame.


I know there are some other great Universities in UK as well. However, I have never regretted my choice since coming to Warwick because of what it offers me with its International diversity and the campus feel!

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