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5 Facts You (probably) Didn’t Know about Warwick

You’ve read all the accommodation posts, the module posts, the general life posts about Warwick uni and now it’s time for the miscellaneous stuff you need to know to impress your Warwick pals during a lucid lunchtime break.


1. The motto is “mind moves matter”. Is this a take off of “mind over matter”, like when you hit your knee on the edge of a desk and convince yourself that pain does not exist?  The Latin of this is “mens agitat molem” which would bring out the feminist in me because of the word “men” but because it sounds like “men agitate moles”, an unusual visual image, I think I can let it be.


2. The Warwick Business School has a campus in the Shard in London, ie, a couple of rooms. Let’s hope no one has vertigo.


3. The Warwick Student Union is one of the largest in the UK, and uses its profits to employ students in its offices. I like it. There are over 260 societies, so there’s not much excuse for having no friends here. 


4. Warwick won University Challenge in 2007. Take that, Oxbridge.


5. According to Wikipedia, the student male to female ratio at Warwick is 50:50. Yay gender equality.


Clearly, Warwick is awesome and you should apply here if you’re not here already.


That’s all tonight folks, I’m off to an event called “Careers in Sustainability” which I’m quite excited for. Enjoy your evening/afternoon/morning.


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