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4 Ways That Warwick Helps To Increase Your Employability

Being a prospective undergraduate student is difficult. You’re trying to revise, choose your course and decide on which university you to study at. Apart from the crazy parties we hear about before we attend, another reason we choose to go to university is to help boost our employability. Carry on reading to find out about four of the many ways that Warwick supports you with achieving this goal.

  • Reputation

We all know that Warwick is a Russell Group university, but what does this mean other than showing employers that you’re intelligent? Well, it means that Warwick has developed strong relations with the biggest companies in the world and that they are looking to recruit you. Whatever industry you’re looking to go into, you can bet that there will be a reputable company at one of our on-campus events or career fairs. This provides you with an invaluable opportunity to network with organisations from as early as the first month in university!

  • Quality Teaching

We’ve addressed the fact that attending Warwick puts you in the perfect standing to connect with industry-leading companies, but none of those companies are even going to look in your direction without good grades. We can’t underestimate the importance of attending an institution that provides you with a great social life and education, and Warwick most certainly does this. The lecturers and seminar tutors are committed to supporting you throughout your degree; all you have to do is hold up your end of the bargain by putting the work in. Plus, almost all of the students that attend Warwick want to do well so if you’re at this university, you naturally feel more inclined to work hard as your environment promotes it. That’s another important aspect to consider but it’s often overlooked. 

  • Careers Support Services

So, you’ve got the good grades and formed connections in the industry that you want to break into. Now it’s time to start writing your applications. Warwick has a great careers support service for this. Members of the team can help you with your CV, provide you with practice psychometric tests and offer you general career advice. Once you get through the application process, they’re more than happy to assist you in your interview preparation if that is something you would like. For one of my Sociology modules, I had a lecture with a member of the careers support services and she really helped all of us to identify key transferable skills that our degree offers. We were able to gain a great understanding of how we can illustrate those skills to recruiters when writing applications. This isn’t something that my friends at other universities have had access to which speaks volumes about the type of institution that Warwick is.

  • Mentorship schemes

Our societies, here at Warwick, aren’t just about socialising or being a part of the executive committees. They focus on the development of society members. This is often done in the form of mentorship schemes. As I mentioned before, Warwick has created an environment where students want to do well for themselves. Many see mentorship as an opportunity to do this, and Warwick societies play an integral part in creating a space where personal development is attainable. I’m a mentor for two different societies and I’ve been able to assist students with their career progression and academics. There are several other students who do similar things which help to foster a real sense of community spirit at Warwick and beyond. 

I hope this has helped you to discover some of the services Warwick offers. If you have any questions, I am more than happy to help 🙂

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