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4 Tips for Your First Term

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1) Go to the society fair

Spend some time browsing all kinds of new opportunites available to you: music, drama, sport, nintendo games, writing, literature, politics and more. This is one of the best places to uncover some cool new activites while also sounding out some of the people involved. The first time I went I was coming back from a seminar and I went on my own (loOOl). I don’t regret this though as I had more thorough conversations with people and moreishly followed all of my whims,from film, to comedy, to reggae (?). So, don’t worry if in the early phases of term you struggle to find a gaggle of  friends to go at once, you can always go off-peak and have a more detailed browse.

2) Give something completely new a go

Upon starting Warwick I resolved that I should challenge myself to something completely out of reach, and totally unexpected. On my third week of term I forced myself to attend my very first ballet class, or dance class for that matter (AaAaAA), before almost bottling it, I presented myself in my usual sports gear and felt beyond clumsy and ridiculous.  Outside I saw another girl, we got talking and incidentally she was the year above me studying my course- even now we remain v good friends, she has given me advice on jobs, houses, modules etc and we always have a good crack when we see each other. Needless to say that I enjoyed the class and became a regular, I only regret not taking part in the showcase.

3) Accept invitations

Even if you’re  shy, reserved or a little uncertain about an occasion accept or make some offers. One of my greatest friends at university is a leading example of this for me, in the early weeks of the term she would always arrange to meet up with new people, just one on one to have tea breaks, go to the shops, go out for food, or watch films and plays. This was something I was a little cautious about: how would I keep the conversation flowing for a pronlonged period of time? What if the time came and I didn’t feel like it? What if we didn’t get on?  Seemingly it was a simple case of whether or not you would allow doubt and uncertainty to overshadow an opportunity to find a dear friend- keep talking, keep open and true to yourself, and those who you are meant to be with will come to you (eVeNtuAlLy).

4) Follow on Facebook

Whether you are moderately active on Facebook or not, follow societies you are interested in, find their pages and gain access to information on events. Also, if your interests lie in performing, you can sign up for auditions and look over audition scripts prior to your slot. Facebook can keep you informed and notified about new events, even lectures that might take your fancy which ultimately could broaden new interests.


I hope these tips have been useful in easing you into your first term at university.






United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland (the)
Emma Barnard | Theatre & Performance Studies Contact Emma

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