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3rd Year of the Foundation Degree in Early Childhood

I don’t know where the summer holiday has gone, but it seems to have flown by! When I submitted my last assignment in June, a three month summer break seemed extensive. However, next week, I’ll be starting the 3 and final year of my Foundation Degree. It seems unbelievable that I only have 4 assignments to submit, then I’ll be finished my Foundation Degree and will graduate in 2020!

It is, however, important to note that, while two modules and 4 assignments doesn’t sound that bad, I know that it will involve a lot of late night studying and time away from my family – it’s going to take a lot of hard work! Also, once I finish my Foundation Degree, I will go straight on to the BA Early Childhood bridging module, which starts in March 2020.

The 3rd year, of the Foundation Degree, consists of two modules. The first module (from October to December 2019) – ‘Inclusion and SEND in early childhood’ – is mandatory and is assessed by a case study and an essay. This module considers the following questions:

•     What are the current government initiatives in relation to Special Educational Needs and Disabilities and how do they impact practice in a range of early childhood contexts?

•     How do practitioners support the participation and achievement of pupils with special educational needs and disabilities?

For the second module (from January to March 2020), we have a choice between ‘Leadership in early childhood’ and ‘Teaching, learning and assessment in early childhood’. Both modules sound interesting, but I am leaning more towards the ‘Teaching, learning and assessment’ module.

‘Leadership in early childhood’ examines how the key theories of leadership and management are applied in early years and educational context, and it is assessed by a portfolio and an essay. ‘Teaching, learning and assessment in early childhood’ explores how to use learning resources effectively, and how to engage others in reciprocal learning relationships. This module is assessed through a reflective piece and a research report.

As mentioned above, once these two modules have been completed, students going on to do the BA top-up (such as, myself!) will start the bridging module in March 2020. The bridging module is intensive and prepares students to do research on the BA Early Childhood. The teaching takes place in March and April 2020. And, as part of the module, we will be required to do a presentation and submit a research proposal by the beginning of May.

So, as my plan is to continue onto the BA Early Childhood, I’ve got a busy couple of years ahead of me! The past couple of years have been hard work, but I expect the next two years to be even harder. However, for me, it’ll be such a personal achievement to complete the Foundation Degree and BA(Hons), it’s definitely worth all the hours of studying and assignment writing. So, year 3, bring it! I’m ready for you!!

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