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3rd Year Already?!

In a couple week’s time, I’ll be starting my 3 and final year of University. As many people say, the time has literally flown by and it makes me sad to think that I’ll be ending my University experience next June. Therefore, my main advice for those starting their University experience at Warwick in the next few weeks is to enjoy it and have fun at all times. Of course, studying and getting a great result in your degree is super important, however you’ll never be able to re-live your University years again. When I think about the fact that we get to live with our friends, away from home, go out clubbing non-stop and do spontaneous things, it makes me realise that once we leave Uni and go into full time work, we won’t be able to enjoy that lifestyle anymore.

I have had an amazing first 2 years at Warwick, although now going into my final year, there’s loads of fun things that I want to do before I graduate. However, I also want to focus on my studies, so I might make a list of things that I want to do so I can tick them off throughout the year. One thing that I want to do is to go to Pop which I haven’t done yet (a major shock horror for a Warwick student, I know). Therefore, I need to conquer this Warwick tradition in my first term. I also want to do some road trips in my final year to visit other Universities, especially to experience the different sorts of night life. At Warwick, we’re quite lucky to be in the Midlands as we’re close to some of my ideal places to visit e.g. Manchester, Leeds etc. They’re not exactly round the corner, but they’re closer to Warwick as opposed to my home in London! Lastly, I really need to visit Warwick Castle in my final year – how have I not already done this?! I’ve visited the town of Warwick briefly and seen the outside of the castle, but I actually want to go inside and do a proper tour. We’re so lucky that it’s so close to us, especially round the corner from those that live in Leamington.

I’m also going to start planning my summer 2018 plans, even though it’s so far away, but I want to travel and make the most of my final summer of freedom. Do any of you have any tips or advice for making travel plans for the summer? Because if I’m honest, I literally have no idea what I’m doing or how to start planning… So any help would be appreciated!

Good luck for those who are starting to get their Uni things organised for first term, I’ll hopefully write a blog post about this at the end of the month.

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