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7 Societies to Join: How Have They Adapted?

Aimee Cheung
Aimee Cheung | Psychology with Education Studies Contact Aimee

How am I going to be able to socialise?‘… Is there any point in joining societies?

These are probably two of the most frequent questions I have heard coming from incoming student this year.

Although other options are avaliable, I think that if societies are soemthing that you would like to explore, definitely go for it. Sometimes popping onto a weekly video call may be something that keeps you excited for the week ahead. I know that the SocsFed is off-putting for many students, but if it’s a fee that you can invest in, societies still need to be able to finance themselves and can only run if they meet a certain number of members.

I’m really not the best person to advise students when it comes to societies, but soemthing I would have liked to have explored more was some of the ‘hidden’ societies at Warwick. So, I got in contact with quite a few societies a couple of weeks ago and in this post I want to introduce to you a couple of the of the samller societies that get over-shadowed by larger ones, but also a handful of the wonderful new societies which have been created this academic year.

Members of the exec have sent in some exerpts explaining what you can expect to get involved in, alongisde how they have adapted their events to the current COVID-19 situation to keep their memebrs conencted and enagaged.

I think I managed to get a nice slection here!

If you like the sound of any of them, see the links to their social media pages (hyperlinked below the mii adverts) and get in contact!

Insta: @warwickbakesoc  | Facebook: Warwick Baking Society

Facebook: VocSoc | FB Group: Warwick VocSoc | Instagram: @warwickvocsoc | Twitter: @WarwickVocSoc

Instagram: @warwickanimalloverssociety | Facebook: University of Warwick Animal Lovers Society

Facebook: Word Society | Instagram: @thewarwickwordsociety | Twitter: @warwickwordsoc1

Facebook: Warwick Aerospace | Instagram: @uowaerospace

Facebook: Warwick Fantasy Society

Instagram : @warwickbubbleteasociety | Facebook: University of Warwick Bubble Tea Society | Discord server: https://discord.gg/f7z9nCK

There are so many to choose from! Take your time to scroll through the SU website where you can find a list of all socities at Warwick, oreven scower social media for ones that are starting up nut have not gained official society status.

Have a completely new idea? You can even set your own up!

Aimee Cheung
Aimee Cheung | Psychology with Education Studies Contact Aimee

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