3 weeks until the end of term…too early for Christmas decorations? – OurWarwick

3 weeks until the end of term…too early for Christmas decorations?

So reading week has been and gone, my first two university essays have been submitted, and only a few more weeks until Christmas! And yes, I am ashamed to say that we do already have the plastic Christmas tree up, meaning we have already started thinking about to what extent we can decorate the flat without upsetting the cleaners…

Too early?


Life right now…


After the first two weeks of freshers, everything seems to be calming down a bit…well to a certain extent! One thing that I have really noticed is that the work has definitely picked up. Suddenly, with looming essay deadlines fast approaching, and reading slowly building up, it all seemed a little overwhelming. I also found myself in the library quite a bit, which after shamefully at first taking quite a while navigating around, (yes, I somehow managed to miss the library induction), and figuring out where the actual books were (it’s not as obvious as you would think I assure you), things started to fall into place.

Freshers’ Fortnight…


The Freshers Party: ‘Viva Las Vegas’…


In fact, all in all things seem to be incredibly busy at the moment, even though (as I am often reminded), compared to others; I have very few contact hours. However, I have found that this really requires you to manage your time even more efficiently! You really are left to your own devices- there are no teachers constantly reminding you of deadlines, prompting you for work or checking that you are not falling behind.

Work aside, societies are another thing I have found myself very busy with…you will find that during freshers’ fortnight, you will return every day to your room laden with bags full of leaflets, freebies and even food! Not only has this meant that so far I have not yet had to buy a single pen, but it also made me realise how there really is something for everyone. This has probably been repeated a hundred times, but societies really are a great way of meeting new people, from all years and as I have found, a particularly good way of switching off. From weekly life drawing, to even salsa classes (both of which I have become involved with), it is an incredible opportunity to either keep something up, or to try something new that perhaps after leaving university, you may never have the chance to try again. Having said that, I have found that realistically, it only seems possible to just dedicate yourself to just one or two. Even that is difficult at times! After all, you have to remember that as a first year student in particular, there is always next year or the year after to perhaps try something new, so you shouldn’t feel pressurised to be doing absolutely everything now!

First family roast dinner…speeches and all…

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Naaawww love them 🙂

Hasta luego!

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