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3 Top Money Saving Tips

One of the biggest concerns for new students is money. Nowadays, with various memes circulating the internet, young people are plagued with financial worries which are totally unnecessary. Luckily, there is oodles of advice and help available all over the web, and as society begins to open up more and diminish the taboo of money talk, we as students couldn’t be in a better position to save a bit of cash. Here are my top 3 tips which you can use now and at any point in the future to get into good habits!

Stop that takeaway!

A takeaway pizza costs a solid £10. A pizza from the shop’s costs around £3. Now, grab your purse or wallet, take out £7 and throw it in the bin. Feels good, right? I didn’t think so. Takeaways, however convenient, commit huge damage to not only your health but your bank account too. That £7 could be spent on a bottle of something for pres tonight, or on next week’s shop. Sure, indulge, go and support small businesses and embrace the convenience of not having to cook but try not to make it a habit. The same goes for eating out too; limit this to maximum once a week.

Save those pennies

Some of you might be thinking about working part time at uni. This is a fantastic idea, as long as it doesn’t affect your studying. Whether you decide to do this or not, my advice to you is to put away a bit of money every month. This can come straight out of your monthly paycheck. If you aren’t working, try to budget how much you spend on groceries, nights out, travel and society fees, then put aside a percentage of the left over. This means you will have some money left to spend on yourself, some money in case of emergencies and some money saved up and collecting interest (yay). Speaking of which, be sure to look into opening a student bank account. Many have perks when you sign up too!

Say no to tat

Minimalism is back in fashion and is here to stay. I’m not telling you to chuck out all your belongings but think twice before your next purchase. Do you really need that new top? Is it necessary to buy new plastic cups every week for beer pong or can you just rinse out the old ones? Reduce, reuse and recycle might be an overused phrase but it’s becoming a cliché for a reason. Fancy dress costumes are also a bit of a waste of cash. How often do you seriously expect to carry around that burlap sack with SWAG written across it? (Burglar costume, of course). Let’s be honest, no one really cares how much effort you put into your costumes. What’s the harm in borrowing from friends? Obviously some purchases are necessary and even cheap knick-knacks bring us joy, but opting for alternatives or simply saying no can make a massive difference. Not only will you aid your bank account, you’ll also be helping the environment by reducing single use plastic and all the resources required to make that item that’ll last approximately 5 minutes.

The bottom line here is not to let your money troubles bring you down. Yes, it’s important not to throw your hard-earned cash away but the main concern here is you. You need to enjoy yourself and live a comfortable life without stressing yourself too much about something as simple as money. After all, you can’t take it with you when you’re gone! Let me know if you would like some more tips, as I’ve simply narrowed it down to my top three. I have plenty more!

  • Dhanesh V.P.

    Very nice comment Jenny, I was looking for my sons education plans and the way you have written made me very realistic. My son is looking for computer science Engineering and really appreciate if any of your friends in this field so that I can get a better picture.

    Thanks & Regards

    Dhanesh V.P.


  • Kishore

    Hello Jenny, Many thanks for a very useful blog. My daughter intends to join Warwick to study sociology. Can you refer me to someone who can help to guide me about living expenses ( non-rental)


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