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3 Things I’m Glad I Did In Term 2

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We are now in Week 20, which means Easter begins next week. For that reason, I thought now would be a good time to reflect on my second term at Warwick, and look back on some of the things I’m glad I have done since Christmas.


1) Volunteering

Warwick has a great programme set up called Warwick Volunteers. They offer loads of opportunities to volunteer in the local area, so I decided to take part in a scheme where I am a reading buddy for primary school children. I had some training at the end of last term, and this term I have been into the primary school once a week to read with the children. I would definitely recommend having a go at something like this – firstly, you can see immediately the impact you are having on the children, and how excited they are to read with you, which is rewarding enough in itself. Also, having something like this to do every week has helped me to build a routine, which is so important at uni when you don’t have many contact hours. I’m hoping to try more schemes with Warwick Volunteers in the future, because they made it so easy for me and I’ve really enjoyed it.


2) Joined a sports club

Although my intentions at the beginning of Term 1 were good, I fell out of the habit of doing sports regularly as the days got colder and shorter. With a ‘new year, new me’ attitude, I decided to join the tennis club in January. I now play socially once a week, which has been a great way to meet new people outside of my course. It has been really fun, and made sure I’m doing at least a little bit of exercise every week. 


3) Been in a play

Warwick has so many drama opportunities, with drama clubs to suit all tastes. I decided to give it a go this term, and took part in a play with Shakespeare Society. With all the lines I needed to learn and rehearsals I had to attend, this certainly felt challenging at times when it came to balancing work with extracurriculars. However, I’m so glad I did the play because I met an amazing group of people, and we had so much fun (amidst all the fears of forgetting lines!). It was a great confidence booster for me, and I’m looking forward to doing more plays like this in the future.


Overall, my biggest take-away from Term 2 is to throw yourself into anything and everything. It sounds very cheesy, but I’m so glad that I tried so many new things this term. I’ve met a lot of new people and had a lot of fun as a result, and I’m excited to keep these extracurriculars up and try some new ones in Term 3.

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