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3 things I wish I knew before going to Warwick

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Hello everybody,

A level results have finally been released and congratulations to anyone reading this who has successfully gotten into Warwick, and will soon be starting their adventures as a fresher. Fortunately this year, you’ll receive a dedicated freshers’ week to have fun, make friends and most importantly… settle in! It takes a long time to adapt to university lifestyle, so the earlier and quicker you can adapt, the better – which this week will definitely help achieve. Although I thoroughly enjoyed my first year at uni, there is a wealth of things I wish I knew before beginning life at Warwick, which would have helped smoothen any worries/doubts I had as a fresher. So, to help all you first years as much as possible, I’ve compiled a list of the top 3 things I wish I knew before embarking on my studies at Warwick.

1. Making friends is not a race

As expected, I’m sure you’re all itching to start making friends as swiftly as possible, which is of course one of the most exciting aspects of university. I couldn’t wait to form a group on day one and make 1000’s of friends across freshers’ fortnight; but truth be told, this was a false expectation to have. In reality, it took me far longer than 24 hours to find my friendship group at uni. It wasn’t until terms 2 & 3 that I really found my feet at Warwick, and began meeting my best friends there. Whilst initially I was very jealous of the flats that instantly ‘clicked’, which led to them having best friends from the start, I realised it was my ‘got to make friends as quickly as possible’ attitude that was causing this envy. Once you realise that it’s completely different for everyone, and that you will form your best friends at some point – whether it takes one week or one year – then a lot of your university fears will sharply fade away. A lot of students who make their best friends on day one can easily end up fighting over drama, whilst you’re blissfully beginning to meet your best mates – so dispel any jealousy you might have and remember, it’s not a race!

2. Don’t stop meeting people

Following on from my previous point, as soon as I came to Warwick, I had the intention of finding a group of friends early on, and then just sticking with them. While it is of course nice to have a group of mates that you can speak to, meet and hang out with every day, you shouldn’t let this shy you away from meeting new people. Warwick’s campus makes for a unique university experience as it is home to 1000’s of students in a very small, concentrated area. This allows you to constantly be meeting new people and forming friendships, without having to put in loads of effort. So, to put it shortly, I definitely recommend you to embrace Warwick campus and make the most of being surrounded by students, rather than shying away from them. It will make your university experience that much more exciting!

3. Make the most of campus-life

Building on from my second point, your first year will be over in a flash, and you’ll likely have to move out into the surrounding cities/towns for your second year. Whilst campus can be overwhelming at first, you will undoubtedly miss it and all the perks it has to offer – so make the most of living there! Enjoy being a 10-minute walk from seminars and lectures, embrace the lively campus buzz during the evenings and nights, take a break at the multiple coffee/food outlets scattered around the place. As a fourth year returning student, I simply cannot wait to re-live the campus lifestyle once again and can only recommend that you make the most of it this year too!

So that’s it from me, good luck to everyone who will be studying at Warwick next year and I hope you find my advice useful. You will have worries, doubts, stresses etc. – but just remember to enjoy it, you’re only a fresher once after all!

Auf Wiedersehen

Alex Humfryes | German and Business Studies Contact Alex

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