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2nd term

I’m now well into the 2nd term of my first year, and it’s certainly been a busy one. I’ve delivered 1 presentation and submitted a further 2 assignments, so far! I’ve received feedback on the presentation and 1 assignment, and I’m feeling quite positive about how I’m progressing. Academic writing is a real struggle. It’s so different from anything that I’ve done before. Hopefully, with each assignment, my academic writing skills will improve. And, maybe by my 2nd year I’ll be an old-hand at it (well, I can always hope!!). In my first term I did attend an ‘Introduction to Academic Writing’ workshop, which I found very helpful. However, I now need to build on what I learned in the workshop and improve my academic writing skills further. There is an ‘Academic Writing’ section on the Skills and Student Development area of the Warwick website https://warwick.ac.uk/services/skills/academicwriting/. It lists what help is available to students, to support them with their writing. It’s very useful, and I certainly plan to access this help as I progress with my course.

I’m really enjoying the Early Childhood degree. It’s so interesting. A concern that I had when I first started to consider university was whether or not I would want to study. Would a degree course keep my interest? Would I want to read and work on assignments in my ‘free time’ (being a wife and mum, free time is limited!)? However, I’m surprised at how much I’m loving it. I look forward to each lesson and I’ve actually enjoyed working on my assignments. I’ve learned so much already. And, with having an 18-month-old, it makes it all the more interesting and relevant. I’ve recently finished a module which covered ‘storytelling’, and that was eye-opening. I never knew how powerful storytelling was (I’ll cover more about storytelling in a future blog). I’ve used some of the methods and stories, that we were taught, with my daughter and my nephew and niece. They all love the stories and the interaction. I was sceptical about my nephew listening to a story, as he’s 10 and more interested in technology. I didn’t think a story would keep his interest; but, to my surprise, he’s loved it. He listens intently, asks questions and always tries to guess what’s going to happen. And, he’s always asking me for more stories! I’ll miss our storytelling module, but I’m excited about the module we’ve just started – ‘How children learn and develop from birth’. I didn’t even mind the fact that we had our first lesson on Valentine’s day! And, instead of looking at the reading list with dread and fear, I’m currently at the library, reading list to hand, ready to get started!

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