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26th April- Diary Entry

In this blog, I aim to give my readers a snapshot of 26th April. This was quite an eventful day for me and can also serve as a good indicator of typical Uni life for me.

I woke up after snoozing my alarm for 99 times as sleep is something that I have never had enough of. I quickly made breakfast, changed to my gym clothes and stuffed my wearing to campus clothes in my bag.

I reached the gym. I go to the Gym that is a ten minute walk from my home and a 10 minute walk from campus so it splits my 20 minute walk from Canley to Campus. This gym is located in Cannon Park behind Tesco.

I got done with my gym routine and left for campus. I had to be on campus before 10:30am as today was an ‘Offer holder’ day of Warwick Business School. I am an ambassador for WBS so I was assigned some activities with the Prospective Students and their families who came on campus.

I gave a Campus Tour to a small cohort of visitors. In the campus tour, 45 minutes are hardly enough to cover the fields, rivers, forests, buildings, various accommodation blocks, all restaurants, learning grids and academic buildings on campus. Hence, we are instructed to show two accommodation blocks and a few important buildings on campus. I received a very friendly group of visitors to show around. The best visitors for me are always those who ask me plenty of questions about my university experiences that can help them make a better choice. I showed around two accommodation blocks- Rootes and Bluebell. Showing around Rootes is always nostalgic for me as I spent my first year of Warwick there.After the Campus tour, we (ambassadors) were given a break and visitors could proceed to other plans for them.

I had about two hours to spend before my next Ambassador event. It was one of those lucky term time Wednesdays where we have a Food market on the Piazza. So without wasting much time, I called a few friends and we went to enjoy the live food. We had a plethora of options to choose from- Spanish Churros to English Waffles, Persian Sweets to Thai Noodles, Sri Lankan food to Lovely Baked Pizzas- these were just the few options. I settled for Thai Noodles and Churros. What is more of a talking point here is- The Weather!

It is May, what do you expect in the Midlands? Spring, Little bit of Sun, chilly evening at most?

But what we received was something that I will let the pictures do the talking. I saw a snow fall and bright sun shining over the food stalls in the matter of a hour.


Snow fall:

mn mn

Sun is out- Hello!


I rushed to WBS and attended the final Ambassador event plan requiring my involvement. Ambassadors were supposed to interact with visitors over an informal chat during a refreshments session for the visitors. It was lovely talking to prospective students and parents once again.

In two days, I had an essay due so studied with my friends over the next few hours in the WBS study space.


I took the shuttle from main campus to Canley. Nothing is more enjoyable than returning home after a productive day and surely you enjoy a good night’s sleep too!

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