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2021 Goals

Belated New Year post here, but Happy New Year!!

I’ve always disliked the notion of celebrating the new year, specifically the idea that it’s a time to make a new start or change something about yourself. I’ve always thought that it doesn’t matter because time is just a construct anyway, and that you can elect to make resolutions any time you want, not just on this one specific day of the calendar.

Regardless, there are some things I want to achieve this year. They’re not resolutions exactly, but more general goals that I’ve had in mind for a while, or good habits I want to continue.

It’s especially hard to make goals, resolutions or plans in this particularly tumultuous time in history. I want desperately to travel, but well…that’s unlikely to happen in the very near future. With things changing all the time, all we can do for now is focus on the present moment, and goals we can do that are not dependent on outside forces.

Here are some of mine:

Grow my hair longer. Hairdressers are closed right now and I don’t trust anyone else to cut the insane amount of hair I have on my head, so I’m just simply growing it longer. This time last year I had a full fringe which I have had since I was a kid. I used to joke that I was born with one because it was the only hairstyle I ever had. Now, that fringe has grown beyond my chin. I never imagined what it would be like to change my hair this drastically, but I really like it. So if you’re thinking of having longer hair, this is the perfect time to let it grow. I had always been hesitant to let it grow because there was always an awkward in-between stage where it was both too long and too short, but we can’t see friends right now anyway. There will be minimal witnesses to your struggle. 

Take my own advice. I tell myself to start writing essays well in advance of the deadline, but always end up leaving them until the last minute. I would be significantly less stressed if I fixed that habit.

Read more. I used to read all the time when I was in school, but once I joined sixth form, I just stopped. I call it the Great Reading Slump of 2017-2020. For three years I read next to nothing of my own outside of the required reading for university, mainly because I found other hobbies instead, and made lots of new friends that I chose to spend my leisure time with. Where reading had once filled that void in my non-existent social life, coming to university, I suddenly had friends and things to do outside of the house. A global pandemic changed that. I still have friends, but I wasn’t spending time with them the way I was before everything got turned upside-down. Now I’m reading every day, and have already finished four books in January so far. If there’s a time to get back into or start reading, it is now.

Create. In the simplest sense, I want to make things. For me, this means writing my book and working on various other projects. As I’m stuck at my family home during this lockdown, I have access to all of my sewing supplies, so I’m working on that hobby. In a broader sense, I also want to learn. I’ve neglected my Korean studies in recent months, so I want to find the motivation to spend more time studying it. I would encourage everyone to engage with new hobbies and learn new things, especially as there are lots of great resources online. Or even pick up a hobby that you used to do a long time ago. Looking for little sources of happiness can help give you something to look forward to at the end of the day!

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