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A new year, and a new beginning it is. I’m starting Term 2 tomorrow with labs (joy!), and so far I have not done half of the revision for any modules, I was meant to do over the Christmas holidays.

Hence, the next few weeks will ideally be spend going to lectures, doing assignments and catching up on the things I was meant to catch up on during Christmas, if that makes sense. (I will reflect on how this turned out later on in a post). So far 2018 has been alright, I’ve had a couple of interviews for part time jobs I’ve applied for, which I thought went well, but I haven’t heard back from them yet. I’ve also taken on another student that I tutor, and I’m enjoying teaching students more and more each day, It’s definitely something I would recommend to university students that have a little time spare.

On a less brighter note, I crashed into a car yesterday. Not just any car, but it had to be a brand new one as well. My luck, the guy was actually being nice. But right now is really not the best time for me to go through this extra stress and in all honestly no one wants to have an accident especially not since insurances are high enough as they are.

I’m looking forward to going back to uni tomorrow – I can finally see all my friends again, get into the study mode, and hopefully be carried away from the distraction Netflix is (not that I was mostly on Netflix over the holidays).

Every year I actually set myself targets that I want to achieve by the end of it such as wanting to learn a new language or writing a book, but none of those targets have actually worked in the past. Some of you might be better at sticking to these things and I have a lot of respect for those of you. This year I thought I’d do something different. I’m just going with the flow as to what happens on a daily basis and how it happens, because at the end of the day we can’t predict half the things that go on in our lives, however what we can control is what we do for the community or for our studies.

General rule is that if you work hard, you get what you want. Therefore, this year I will try to work as hard as I can to get the best possible grades. Socialwise, I am looking into volunteering at a nursing home or getting work as a healthcare assistant. This will not only help me with applying for graduate entry Medicine next academic year, but I will also develop and learn new skills over the time. I would have so much contact with other people, where I hopefully won’t even notice the time flying. Most importantly, I would have the genuine satisfaction of knowing that I helped someone.

I hope this post was somewhat intellectual – I couldn’t decide on what else to write to be honest, however I do believe that everyone should try and help the community as much as possible whether this be volunteering for charities or working at a care home. If you make a positive impact on someone’s life, that is something you can be proud of forever.

Happy 2018 everyone!


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