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2017 New Years Resolutions: Fitness First?

Isabel Quah | Language, Culture and Communication Contact Isabel

With term two having just begun, it does take a while for the sluggish holiday mood to slowly disperse while the reality of academic work starts to kick in. After the holiday season you may come back to campus refreshed and ready to tackle the term ahead. However, motivation may not be the only thing you gained after the holidays, when you start to realise that some of the trousers in your closet don’t fit anymore. Between all the incredible home cooked meals, the never ending line-up of holiday parties with….(you guessed it), even more food and excessive alcohol consumption, it’s hard to not be tempted to munch on everything in sight and keep the pounds from piling on. This is especially the case when being a student budget renders a somewhat forced diet.

Unfortunately working off the weight isn’t as easy as gaining it, but regardless there are ways you can get back in shape. One of the common new years resolutions many people have on an annual basis is to be more active and frequent the gym. A New Years resolution isn’t the end all be all to start focusing on living a healthier lifestyle, but it is always a good start and effective method of motivation to begin the new year with new set goals for yourself. While the food flow is once again limited as you are back to having to sustain your own dietary needs without the fully stocked fridge back at home, eating clean should be the main priority. While many students turn to take-out, ready made meals or the ever so common student staple: instant noodles, majority of this falls under processed foods which are full of preservatives and sodium which lack many nutritional benefits.

Eating clean contrary to common belief, actually saves you more time and expenses on the long run if done properly. I myself tend to make food in bulk for the next few days and some of my go-to dietary staples include salmon fillets or chicken. These are generally cheaper than many other meat cuts and takes simple preparation. I tend to grill with coconut or olive oil or even popping the meat with some veggies into the oven makes for an easy all-in-one roast. By cooking and storing in bulk, this makes it easier to grab the tupperware from your fridge before heading off to lectures and saves you having to pay for pricier meals at restaurants.

I personally gym almost everyday during term, even over term break by going on early morning runs or following insanity/ blogilates videos at home. While I do enjoy changing up my workouts so I don’t get bored, my favourite means of maintaining my fitness by far is boxing. The Philippines is known in the boxing world for Manny Pacquio, but there are multiple boxing gyms scattered across the country that offer boxing as fitness sessions which incorporate high intensity circuit training and boxing. Not only does this combine cardio and strength training but its an amazing source of stress relief, it also improves your stamina, overall coordination and reflexes. Thankfully the sports centre on campus offers a variety of gym memberships depending on what caters to your interests. Alternatively, joining one of the many sports clubs is another option to keeping active. I find that engaging in sport or going to the gym really helps me purge away the days stress and I feel more relaxed and refreshed to face the rest of my academic work. In this case, physical activity does not only benefit you’re physique, but your mental clarity as well.

By finding workouts or activities you enjoy doing, whether it be joining a sports clubs, purchasing a gym membership or even doing some simple workouts at home- with the proper mindset and better choices, it won’t be long before all the extra weight from the is all a distant holiday memory… until another few months that is.

Isabel Quah | Language, Culture and Communication Contact Isabel

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