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2016 has been quite a year!

Hi everyone hope you’ve all had a fabulous Christmas and happy new year….2016 has been crazy! This will be remembered in history as the year of Brexit, Donald Trump, the death of many amazing icons and much more. However, I’m not going to hover over these things for too long because there have been many positives for me this year such as, going to Italy, France, V Festival, passing first year of university and having the best first term in year 2!

So I will just tell you about the great things I got up to this Christmas! I went for so many coffee trips with my friends from back home which has been lovely as it has given us the chance to catch up and treat ourselves to many many mince pies! Oh yeh and I’ve eaten a ridiculous amount of food so much so that I might be rolling back to university, better get stuck in with Netball! I had a lovely day Christmas Eve, it started out with having my best friend’s family over for a full english breakfast which was such a laugh! Me and my family then went onto the cinema to watch the new Star Wars: Rogue 1……amazing as expected! After that we had a cute Christmas meal at a lovely restaurant near home….I had a steak with sweet potato fries soooo good and finishing up the night with a movie and a glass of wine at home. The Fletcher family always have a big plan for Christmas Eve I actually think I prefer it to Christmas Day haha. However, we did have a lovely Christmas Day too, going up to my Grandads for lunch and then heading up to Cartmel in Cumbria till the 27th. This topped off Christmas because for those of you who havent been to Cartmel I seriously recommend it. It is the cutest village I think I have ever been too and I wouldn’t hesitate to live there.

This New Years was less special I will admit because I offered to work. I have been working at a pub over Christmas but as I got Christmas off it is only fair to offer to do New Years Eve. It happened to be a really quiet night in the pub suprisingly but the live music and staff made it a good laugh! Over the holiday I have been simultaneously balancing work I think I’ve done a pretty good job this year! I managed to get my 2500 word essay nearly completed, I gave myself a break over Christmas but started one of my 1500 word essays which I will finish today along with my other 1500 word essay (contributing to my 4000 word portfolio). And then I have left my 3000 word essay till last because the deadline is later, therefore I have been less stressed.

Anyway overall it has been a lovely break to relax, eat, see family/friends and of course work. I have seriously enjoyed having my double bed back but I am looking forward to going back to uni on Thursday hopefully term 2 will be equally as fantastic as term 1 was! Wishing everyone a Happy New Year hope you’ve all had a good Christmas too!

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