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20 Things to Do over the Summer

When you finish your A-levels or are on summer break from Uni you have complete freedom and zero responsibilities, but having three to four months off can also be daunting and it’s easy to get bored. What do you even do when you suddenly have that much time on your hands? Here is a list of 20 things you could do with your summer and I hope this helps you make the most out of one of the best times in your life J.

1.  Travel

This is probably an obvious one, but I highly recommend it. The best way to celebrate finishing school is an Interrail trip around Europe or just a Scotland road trip with your friends!


2. Do an internship

Doesn’t sound that fun but it can set you up well for getting good internships during your degree or even a job when you graduate.


3.  Pick up an old or new hobby

Danced Ballet up until year 7 and never again or always wanted to learn how to make pottery or take killer photos? Now is the time.


4. Meet old friends

Catch up over a cup of coffee.


5.  Burn all your notes from past exams

Maybe keep some that might be relevant for Uni though…


6. Have a BBQ

Invite everyone you know!


7.  Do a day trip

If travelling abroad isn’t in your budget, explore a new local area.


8. Get a job

Even working at my local grocery store taught me a lot about normal working life to be honest and you earn a decent amount.


9. Tidy your room

If you haven’t already done so while procrastinating your revision.


10.  Read

Reading for fun might be a foreign concept to some, but there are books for everyone out there, or maybe try audiobooks.


11. Volunteer

You can basically be on a holiday, get to know a new culture and help people all while enhancing your CV.


12. Prepare for the new term

Think about what modules you could choose and get a head start on the reading list.


13. Learn how to drive

You have all the free time, so why wait.


14. Spend time with your family

They’re going to miss you as soon as you leave, so don’t take them for granted now.


15. Go to a festival

Get a cheap tent from Decathlon and dance in the rain.


16. Declutter your room

Especially your closet. You can sell and donate most of the items you no longer want or need.


17. Watch movies and TV shows

Finally you can spend all day in your room watching bad reality TV shows and not feel guilty about it.


18. Stay active

Now is the time to get in shape. Go for runs or learn how to do pull-ups, it’s fun I promise.


19. Pack and get prepared for Uni

Look into what you might need for staying in halls and open a student bank account.


20.  Set yourself some goals

This might sound boring, but thinking about what I want to achieve in the following year helps me stay on track and keeps me motivated. These aren’t just academic though, it might just be do my laundry once a week.

Enjoy your freedom, relax and have fun!

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