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20 Things I wish I knew before starting University

Hi everyone!

With First Year now over I thought I’d share a few things I wish I knew before coming to the University of Warwick:

1) University is not easy and is definitely more difficult than A-levels.

2) Your experience probably won’t be the way you expect it to be, some parts may be better than you think while some may be worse.

3) Try your best not to stress out too much, you only need 40% in First Year and it’s like a practice run for the rest of your time at university.

4) Don’t be afraid to ask for help and support when you’re struggling, it’s what your tutors and networks are there for.

5) Take every opportunity you can, do them before it’s too late!

6) Don’t choose your Second Year flatmates too quickly, situations and people can change a lot in the space of a few months.

7) Your sleeping pattern will be varied and weird but you’ll get used to it.

8) Get Netflix – binge-watching a series is the perfect way to relax and/or procrastinate.

9) Always be prepared for the fire alarm – whether its just a drill or someone burning toast, you’ll need to be up and out quickly!

10) You will probably get so stressed out at points that you will contemplate leaving but stick at it and you’ll get through it!

11) Always try to read for your seminars – you will be able to understand and contribute a lot more.

12) You will take way more stuff than you need when you move in – do you really need all those clothes and that stationery?

13) Some people get homesick, some people don’t – I went home nearly every weekend because I was less than an hour away from home and I could relax more easily but some people can go all year without leaving campus.

14) Get an NUS card to get some freebies and save money, always ask if student discounts are available!

15) As tempting as it may be, don’t spend all of your student finance just because it seems like a lot of money!

16) You probably won’t get on with all of your flatmates, but you will make some amazing friends.

17) Don’t leave essays to the last minute – research, writing, referencing and editing takes longer than you think!

18) Try to attend as many of your lectures, seminars and trips as possible – especially compulsory ones!

19) Try to get as much work experience as possible as early as you can.

20) And most importantly, enjoy yourself – you only do university once!

Thanks for reading!


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