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20 Life Lessons I Have Learnt At University- I’ve Now Finished My Degree

At University you expect to things but often we forget the life skills that come with the experience.

  1. Never use another persons tea towel.
  2. Double check the white wash before you put it on (red socks = everything very pink).
  3. It’s OK to change your mind.
  4. How to nap It’s actually a skill I have mastered, but one that unfortunately cannot be featured on a CV.
  5. Finding people you click’ with is not easy- and that’s OK. You will find a select few that get you and you will get them, they will be your real friends.
  6. Procrastination comes in all shapes and sizes. In fact… it becomes a past time!
  7. ‘Do you’: a phrase I use far too often, but being happy in your own skin and making your own decisions really is the key to happiness.
  8. Living to a budget.
  9. Get stuck into
  10. Never turn down free food (or free drinks… or free anything)
  11. There is no shame in shopping from the reduced section in Tesco!
  12. Referencing sucks. I’ve written A LOT of essays, with A LOT of references… and I am honestly still not sure how to reference! Top Tip: make the Style Guide a Bible.
  13. You arrive with a full set of cutlery… and leave with a single fork.
  14. You will see people in exams you never once saw in the lectures.
  15. You will master the skill of straightening out crinkles with a hairdryer… irons are pretty unnecessary.
  16. You can make a meal out of anything.
  17. You will rarely feel like you are on top of everything- this is don’t panic, just keep pushing through!
  18. Fancy dress can be made out of nothing.
  19. You’re actually quite independent.
  20. Surround yourself with likeminded people that to your life.

University teaches you wonderful life lessons, embrace the challenges in the knowledge they only make you stronger!

Please feel free to leave any comments and I will make sure to get back to you.

Bronwyn 🙂

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