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2 weeks to go!

Whoa, this term has been quite the challenge! But, we’re almost there – 2 more weeks! From experience, I know how busy those last two weeks can get though, between deadlines creeping up on you and an ever-growing last minute To-Do list. So, I wanted to share how I am pulling myself over the Term 1 finish line, towards a well-deserved break!


“The more I get done now, the less I’ll have to do at home!” That’s what I remind myself of when I am low on motivation. I find it helpful to break down my big tasks, like my dissertation for example, into smaller ones that I can get done in a few hours. So, for my dissertation it would be reading a particular source or planning a specific chapter.  

  • Make a holiday study plan

One of my biggest stress factors is knowing I have a lot to do but not knowing when I’m gonna do them. So, although I did just say that the holidays are for taking a break, realistically, they also have to be about catching up on some work, essay writing, and revision. And that’s ok. As long as your study plan features sufficient relaxation and family time, you’ll be able to start Term 2 feeling fresh and rested! 

  • Essay preparation 

Ready, set, READ! I highly recommend getting started on your reading before the break because it 1) makes a huge mountain seem a little less daunting – getting started is the hardest part! 2) gives you the opportunity to ask your lecturer/tutors questions and get a quick response3) allows you to start planning3) means you can borrow any needed library books whilst you’re still here

  • Find some time to pack 

I never think I need to plan packing time and I’m always wrong! Between needing to run the unexpected load of laundry and weighting and re-weighting my suitcase, packing always takes me longer than anticipated. So, this year I’m starting early! 

  • Get an Asymptomatic Covid test to protect your loved ones

Getting a test on campus is nice and easy but again, requires a bit of planning. You can find all the necessary info here or read Samantha’s very informative blog post here

Hope that helps!

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