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2 down, 3 to go!

Hi everyone,

I have 16 days and 3 more exams to go before I am free! It is actually a year ago today that I finished my first year exams and my Biology friends and I went to Leamington to celebrate, I actually can’t believe how time has flown. But this year I finish rather late, in some cases even a whole week later than some friends, but on the bright side it gives me a lot longer to revise for the exams and therefore should help me to feel calmer and more prepared in the long run.

But it does seem like revision is never ending, and it can sometimes get overwhelming. Here are some of the ways in which I motivate myself to keep studying, and hopefully can be of some help:

1)Make goals. I plan to reach a certain point of a lecture before I have a break (but make this realistic, and also if you do feel like you need a break before hand, definitely do have one). This is really helpful as it helps me focus and by splitting the studying into chunks it makes the load seem a lot more manageable.

2) Practice. Whether this is a past paper or essay writing, this can feel fulfilling and of course is one of the best ways to prepare for the exam day.

3) I love food and therefore I make sure the fridge and cupboards are plentiful, particularly with things I like. This isn’t just snacks but having a nice lunch and dinner to look forward to is really helpful in keeping my mood up. I like to have a sweet treat at around 4pm, as by that time I would have got through a lot of revision and feel entitled to a treat 🙂

4) Keep in contact with friends. It is easy to cut yourself off from the world, but it will be so much easier to keep motivated and positive if you chat to friends. Knowing that other people are in the same boat can also help put things into perspective and talking things through is often really useful.

5) Whenever you feel unmotivated, think of results. I want to be able to say to myself that I tried my best, whatever the result. This really spurs me forward and gives me the energy I need in the late afternoon/evening. I don’t want any regrets when I want to be enjoying my summer.

6) Lastly, think of the rewarding summer. I am so excited as I have so many nice things planned. Also knowing that soonI’ll be able to do the things I love doing, which I haven’t been able to for a while, is keeping me going.The thought of even just sitting in the garden at home with a book is enough!

Although it can be hard to stay motivated, we will all get there. Whether its GCSES, A Levels or university exams, they will come to an end soon and be followed by a long summer. Keep going- you can do it! Until next time!

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