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2/3 Through Term!

It’s the end of Week 7, and what a busy one it’s been! Only three more left until the Easter hols, and end-of-term-itis is starting to settle in. There’s only a few days left of my term as Outreach Officer in Warwick Engineering Society, as we have our annual elections next week. I’ve really enjoyed my time being part of the executive committee, but it’s time to hand over the torch to a (hopefully) eager new face. Like all student societies at Warwick, EngSoc is entirely student-run, with the aims and agenda for the year decided by the elected committee. My final responsibilities are twofold; firstly, to find at least one person willing to stand to replace me and, secondly, to help count the votes on the election night itself. On the plus side, I have been promised food as payment!

We’re ending the year on a high, though – this Wednesday, we put on the Connectivity conference, with about 150 people attending. Owing to the fabulous work of our vice-president, we had a hugely impressive variety of speakers, from the CTO of Siemens UK to staff from the university’s very own Warwick Manufacturing Group. With presentations on topics from the future of autonomous vehicles to machine learning and AI, it was brilliant to hear from some real experts behind the tech we’ll be seeing ever more of over the next few years.

Lectures are also approaching the final stretch. Teaching for my water engineering module (ES3D5) came to a close last week, though we’ve been promised some examples classes later in the year. Whilst most of my modules this year have been heavily design-based, Water has sent me on flashbacks to A Level geography – we’re constructing unit hydrographs, calculating 1-in-100-year floods for various locations, and even returning to the good ol’ water cycle. All this provides the background to some deeply fun fluid dynamics, taking the basics I covered in second year and using them to model flow in channels. It’s nice to have something a bit different to my other modules – there are only so many beams one can design in a week! If you’re burning to find out more about shear force reinforcement, though (and quite frankly, why wouldn’t you be?), stay tuned – next post, I’d like to talk about how third year is slowly convincing me I might come out of this degree with some actual engineering ability!

Until next time!

Nathan L

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