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10 Things You Need to Pack When Moving to Uni

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So,  the time has come. You might have started to get some things organised for moving to university, or you might not have even thought about packing. Whatever stage you’re at, I am here to interrupt with a brief announcement.

These ten things are super important to pack.

They’re not ground-breaking, but they’ll certainly help in settling in to university life.

I’m going to skip over the already common items which are stated on a lot of websites already – think kitchenware, clothes and bedroom decor, and dive into some of things which you might have skipped over in your checklist:

  1. A portable charger. This has definitely been one of the most useful items that I took to university this year. It’s come to rescue on the late nights out where my phone’s surviving on its last 1%. Pro tip: make a routine to charge it every few days (and don’t just leave it at the bottom of your bag (I’m talking from experience)), so you’re never caught out with a dead portable charger.

2. First-aid/medicine kit. I took a small makeup caddy which was filled with various items such as paracetamol, plasters and cough sweets to halls. It’s so handy to come to university with all of these things in once place, instead of having to trek to a supermarket for paracetamol when you’re feeling ill.

3. A pack of cards (or any other games to play with your new flatmates!) I’m pretty sure we had two or three packs floating around the flat kitchen throughout the year. On that note, if you have any other games, bring them along! They’re a great way of breaking the ice with your flatmates, and you’re probably going to use the games for the entirety of the year.

4. Extension lead. Depending on where the nearest plug socket is to your bed, an extension lead is an absolute life-saver. You don’t have to stretch across your bed to charge your phone – and isn’t that the most frustrating thing in the world?

5. Some fancy dress items. You might go to a themed night out in Freshers Week, or at any point throughout the year. Have a look in your wardrobe and see if there’s any clothes or accessories that you could wear for fancy dress; it will save you a lot of stress and Amazon next-day deliveries if you have anything to bring!

6. Batteries. There’s always a need for these – so just throw in a pack of AA and AAA batteries and they’ll come in handy.

7. A sharp knife for preparing food. Nothing is more frustrating than trying to cut through raw vegetables with a butter knife (trust me, I know). Buying a good, sturdy knife that will last you through the year is definitely a worthwhile investment. 

8. Tape measure. This is so useful for online shopping and deciding which size to buy. It’s also useful if your flat are anything like mine and randomly decide to measure each others head-spans for fun. 

9. Digital scales for cooking and baking. This is so important if you’re following a recipe book or baking a cake. These scales have come in handy so many times, and many great cakes have been baked in my flat because of them!

10. Coat hangers. When I arrived in Arthur Vick, there were four coat hangers already in the wardrobe, but you’re going to need some more. Pack two or three packs of hangers depending on how many clothes you have. It’s an easy thing to forget!

Amongst the stress of moving to university, it can be difficult to remember to pack absolutely everything. And of course, if you do forget anything, it isn’t the end of the world. But coming to university with these ten things will make settling in a lot easier!

If you have any questions about packing, moving to halls or anything at all, please drop me a message! I’d love to help. 

United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland (the)
Victoria Heath | English Literature and Creative Writing Contact Victoria

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