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10 Things That Make Me Smile

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I’m a really emotionally sensitive person. Always have been. A lot of the time it’s seen as a weak trait. “You’re too sensitive”, everyone says. That’s very true in the sense that being so emotionally attached is draining, especially during times of heightened tensions.

Despite that, over the past year, I’ve come to really appreciate the positives that this brings too. It means that I feel a lot of sentiment in the simple things in life and don’t have to dig to find this. During times like this, it’s a blessing. I find myself wanting to cry at videos of sheep playing some form of football, or babies laughing at themselves farting!

So, I’m going to share with you a list of 10 things I had made note of during last term that have brought me some joy.

  1. ANIMALS – This one has probably been mentioned many times in my posts, but they make me so so happy! Be it a friendly dog coming up to say hello whilst on a walk, seeing them running around in the field just down the road as I’m dragging my weekly shop back, or the friendly dog next door who’s always perched on the windowsill guarding the house. Best of all, if a lecturer’s pet decides to show their face during Teams meetings or hearing them in the background of lecture recordings!
  1. CHILDREN – They are so precious. I live (or rather did live) in an area where there are many children around and I love it. Nothing beats the feeling you get when a confident toddler waves and shouts “hello” or an infant smiling at you. That’s enough to make me smile for the rest of the day.
  1. SUPPORT – Not much to say about this. Simply support.
  1. ACTS of KINDNESS – Something as simple as a “good morning” from a stranger or a little chit chat in the que at the supermarket. There was one incident in the last few weeks of term that struck me. I was on the bus (essential travel, of course) and the bus driver was getting all of his bearings confused, clearly new to the job. Every person on this bus (except from clueless me) started helping the driver out by letting him know where we were at the moment, and any turns he had to make in advance. Not a single person was unkind or showed nay impatience. I felt so blessed to witness this. It’s so rare to see that it was like something from a movie. If only it happened more often.
  1. MUSIC – One that we can all relate to, I think. This is not so much joy per se, but a sense of content. The kind that gives you the happy feels. Music is powerful tool especially when you can relate to it, but the difference between relating and being able to feel the message… I can’t explain the feeling. It’s just… Refreshing.
  1. BAKING – Cannot bake (or cook for that matter) for the life of me, but I always have fun in the process of it! My sister and I made some gingerbread biscuits on Boxing Day and I thoroughly enjoyed the decorating part! Here’s my snowman:
  1. PEOPLE SPEAKING UP – There has been so much more awareness raised about so many important issues in the past year more than ever. Sure, it’s exhausting but it is important that we have these conversations and seeing more people finding the courage to stand up and speak out is really uplifting.
  1. A CHAT – I kind of touched on this in point 4 but a little char with someone. A 3-hour long conversation with a friend after not speaking to them for months (hi, Sara 🤭) or mini chats with lecturers during feedback meeting. Despite my telephone appointment/ meetings anxiety, it’s always lovely to have a much needed chat with someone in the end.
  1. SEEING PARTICIPANT NUMBERS GO UP – I’m currently conducting my final year research project/ dissertation, and this elates me. Even if it’s only 2 participants after a few weeks of having nothing come in. It’s so exciting. Since I’m talking about it, I’m going to add a cheeky mini promotion: If you happen to be reading this and know anyone who has a child aged between 18 and 30 months old who might be interesting in taking part in a survey about language development, pop me a message or email because I do desperately need some help! 😉 I know you’ve probably seen so many surveys/ online study ads from us (it’s all we can do this year), but please help the Psych students out if you can because participant recruitment is so tough, and it does genuinely help a lot.
  1. FUNNY VIDEOS – Love them. Tired ‘N’ Tested, LadBaby, and parodies about this online environment are a brilliant cheer up! Oh, and babies laughing at themselves and animals bouncing around doing their thing, of course!

What makes you smile?

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