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10 things freshers do wrong

You’ve survived the move, met your flat, trundled through freshers week together. So far, so good. Something I really loved when I came to uni was how friendly everyone was – you can go to any society or flat and start a conversation with someone. However, there are a few things I would change if I went back to being a fresher, things I have noticed are common and which would lead to greater mental health if done without.

1. Using too much social media.

Everyone is keen to show off how great their new flatmates are in posts on Facebook and Insta, but for those who are shy and don’t get on with their flat quite as splendidly, these posts only serve to alienate them and wonder why everyone else seems to be having a better time. I remember feeling that way in the first few weeks, when I was still figuring out who my friends were and some people already seemed to be close.

2. Clique formation.

Uni is meant to be inclusive! Talk to everyone!

3. Phone addicts.

There is nothing worse than sitting round a table and people not bothering to make any effort at conversation, being glued to a phone instead. It’s easy to revert to your phone if you feel shy or out of a conversation, but it makes it seem like you’re more interested in your phone than in people. Everyone knows it, but everyone is guilty of this at times.

4.  “Exercise isn’t my thing.”

I am definitely guilty of this. The problem is that exercise should be everyone’s thing. There shouldn’t be a question about it; doing more exercise is linked to greater mental health as well as increasing physical health obviously. Uni can be a stressful environment and this is why it’s so important to make sure you’re in the best health you can be! Sports clubs are also a fantastic way to make friends and feel part of something.

5. “I should’ve joined more stuff in first year.”

So many people have said this to me. Uni is fun – make the most of it! Remember, first year doesn’t count 😉

6. “First year doesn’t count…”

True your marks won’t count much this year, if at all, but don’t use this as an excuse to look down on people who actually want to work. Uni is not all about drinking, though that might be hard to believe following on from the freshers week we just had. Come exam time, people will boast/complain that they started revision too late. If you want to do work rather than get plastered every week, do it. Peer pressure can be daunting in first year but remember it’s your uni experience, not theirs.

7. Binge-drinking is not the norm.

I enjoy a drink as much as the next person, but the culture of binge-drinking at British unis is a strange one. Everyone knows how bad it really is, but no one wants to admit it. It’s sad that refusing a drink can make you feel left out, but what’s also reassuring is that a lot of people don’t drink either. Don’t be fooled into thinking you have to drink a barrel to make friends.

8. Never taking out the bin.

A subject I felt worthy of a whole post. See yesterday’s.

9. Being inconsiderate of others on the bus.

We are in “The Bubble” that is campus, but other people pass through campus on the bus on the way to further destinations. Being a student is not an excuse for being loud and drunk (unless on the uniexpress bus to a club), and whilst most people are totally aware of this, sometimes people forget.

10. Not eating in the kitchen.

This niggles me. How are you supposed to get to know your flatmates better if after a long day in lectures everyone cooks their meal and then disappears to their room to eat? Promote the community! Your flatmates are your surrogate fam away from home, so don’t ignore them! Spoken from my memories of being a lonely first year in an empty kitchen.

Moving to uni is a big deal and it’s hard to know how to act sometimes. These are only things I have learned from my personal experience at uni, which is of course not to say you’ll have a problem with them. If you do though, it helps to know you’re not alone and maybe you can learn from what I learned.


Next post will be 10 things freshers do right, because there are a lot of them too <3 Hope everyone is looking forward to term starting!

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