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10 Things Freshers Do Right

Here are the positives to balance out last blog’s negatives. Life is all about balance innit.

1. Being friendly to everyone in the hope of making friends.

For many of us, it’s an opportunity to start afresh; it’s in the name “fresher”. The fear of not finding friends forces us to socialise incessantly, and the more you learn about other people, the more you learn about yourself.

2. Embracing change.

Some of us are a loooong way from home. Moving somewhere new of course leads to a change in lifestyle, and I think it’s really commendable that students are up for putting themselves through the change. It can indeed feel stressful trying to find all of the important shelves in the new local supermarket for your weekly shop, or even adapting to the local cereal brands, or British humour. Going out of your comfort zone once every so often is not a bad thing. Eat your greens. It takes guts to take on uni. 

3. Becoming more independent.

If mam’s away and can’t do your washing, gotta do it yourself. If you can’t cook, gotta learn. It makes me laugh how lots of us rebel against the rigid school routine we’re used to when we arrive at uni, going to bed at cheeky hours and waking up at equally cheeky hours just because we can. No more 6.27am alarms for me. 

4. Trying out random stuff just because you can.

My Facebook feed is always awash with random events led by societies I have liked: night hikes to see the fireworks above Kenilworth castle, tote bag decorating with the new Fashion Society, and a meal at the refugee-run Arabian Bites cafe. At Christmas time sometimes Warwick Sport do a Christmas “Bauble Run” which is when you can tackle an obstacle course while dressed in one of those big zorbing balls. I really hope it comes back this year. 

5. Not prioritising coursework.

After 13/14/15 years of school, or fewer if you’re a child genius, we need a break from constant coursework and assessment. Of course, if you’ve come to uni, you’ve come to the wrong place if you want to avoid that. But even if you want to work hard and do well, there’s still time to socialise. Coursework doesn’t always need to come first in first year – your mental, social and physical health should come before it. Getting to know people and finding your place is equally as important as bashing out the next essay.

6. Developing your own interests.

Lots of societies, lots of sports, lots of volunteering opportunities, lots of music, lots of theatre, lots of people, lots of choice to discover something you’re interested in, which may well lead on to something more in the future.

7. Taking on responsibilities.

Like emptying the bin. Or being part of an exec. Or even just being responsible for your day-to-day life. See independence point. Makes you realise a thing or two. I have missed the responsibility of caring for pets though. There are lots of focus groups taking place on how to improve life/course etc at Warwick, and I sincerely hope someone brings up the point about having pets. Imagine having a resident cat in your flat. This year my flatmates and I have semi-adopted the neighbourhood cat where we live, and life is good.

8. Being willing to discuss social issues.

Always important and I think students are good at doing it with an open mind, recognising people have different viewpoints depending on their background. Come election time though, if you don’t vote for some form of left-wing party, you do have to justify your vote more than should be necessary. 

9. Not thinking too seriously about the future.

You can if you want but we’re still young! Focus on that next year, just settle in and don’t worry about it yet. there will always be opportunites if you put yourself out there.

10. Having fun.

But not too much, yeah? 😉 

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