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10 Simple Things to do in 2020

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Despite starting the academic year bright-eyed, the excitement of first-term might have got in the way of your ideal 7am wakeups…and maybe that meant you started to miss your 9ams…and maybe that meant- well there’s no point going to the 2pm lecture if you didn’t catch the 9am, right?

Anyway, it’s that time of year again where we all decide we’re going to be the perfect students, sons/daughters and friends… and although, that may be a little far-fetched there’s definitely something a little bit enchanting about the New Year and well, we’ve got to at least try, right?

Here are 10 simple things (of which you could pick 1, 2, 3 or all!) to get you started…

1.       Promise yourself you won’t miss more than 3 lectures a week!

2.       Save a fiver every week. Whether, it’s consciously deciding not to buy that Garnier face mask or to buy one less pint at circle, future-you is sure to be grateful!

3.       Read one book this term for yourself – that means not the recommended textbook for Foundations or an article from the ‘extra reading’ list! Give yourself a way to relax that isn’t scrolling Netflix or standing the queue for Smack and reap the benefits!

4.       Build one thing into your morning routine that’s a new non-negotiable. Whether you never used to consistently have breakfast, have time to shower or you used to check Instagram before you’d crawled out of bed – make one change that makes you happier and/or healthier!

5.       Don’t go two days without going outside. If you’re going to lectures every day this probably sounds a little bit redundant, but make sure to keep this in mind during exam period especially and even the holidays! Whether it’s a trip to the shop, a coffee with friends, a jog or a walk, a breath of fresh air is always going to do you good.

6.       Go to the library for two hours every Saturday morning. This little extra scheduled-in study time will hopefully give you the chance to feel a bit more confident with your workload, allowing you to get started on that assignment or proofread that essay!

7.       Consciously decide when you’re going to get up and when you’re going to go to bed. It doesn’t matter whether you’re a 5am riser or a 3am sleeper – this is all about being intentional and not letting the number of episodes left in your Netflix series decide when you get to sleep…

8.       Only eat out 3 lunchtimes a week – especially relevant for second year students, if, like me, you are a more regular customer of Greg’s than you’d care to admit…

9.       Go to that society event you’re a little bit nervous to attend. Whether none of your closest friends are going on tour or you’re not sure if you’re hockey skills meet the advanced training session requirements, push yourself out of your comfort zone at least once this term! Societies are made to be inclusive and are the perfect place for some personal development – take full advantage of them!

10.   Set aside two hours every Sunday morning for some general adult-ing. Do your laundry. Do a weekly shop. Tidy up you space. Maybe even get the hoover out!

***Choose numbers and times that work for you. Think about your comfort zone and then push yourself that little bit further – make them achievable, specific and something you’d be proud of!***


I hope everyone has a Happy New Year and this helps get your New Year’s resolutions ideas ticking!

IndonesiaUnited Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland (the)
Laeticia Junanto | Mathematics (MMath) with Study in Europe Contact Laeticia

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