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10 essential items to put in your suitcases when packing for university

Hello again!

As I mentioned in my previous blog post, packing for university can be quite the challenge. You are unlikely to know what your new room will look like. You will be unsure of its size and storage capacity and besides, there is no way you could possibly bring ALL of your stuff with you, especially if, like me, you come from abroad. This means you have to make a selection of what to bring and this again poses a great challenge because let’s face it, making choices is hard. To make your lives a little bit easier, I have compiled a list of 10 items I deem essential to take with you. Hope it helps!

1. Drying rack for your clothes – I am personally not a big fan of using the dryer (mainly because of its unpredictable clothes shrinking capabilities) so prefer to use a drying rack when it comes to drying my clothes. Bedsheets and towels are a different story of course!

3. A handtowel – This may seem like an unnecessary luxury considering you are already bringing towels but trust me, you will be grateful for it when your main towel ends up in your room and you want to just quickly dry your hands after washing them.

4. A speaker – A big, fancy, expensive speaker isn’t necessary; a small one will do the trick. Being able to listen to some music while you do the dishes in the kitchen is really nice and who knows, music may be a subject you can easily bond over with your flatmates.

5. Bookends – Whether you study History or not, your course will require you to have books in your room. Most rooms will have shelves above the desk where you can put them. However, to avoid having a heart attack in the middle of the night when they all fall over (yes, this has happened to me several times), a pair of bookends can go a very long way.

6. 13-15 inch cooking knife – Now this item on the list might make you question my sanity but I promise, I am not a serial killer! I put this one on here mainly because it was the one item I thought I would easily be able to buy when coming to the UK but still haven’t managed to acquire. I can’t stress enough how quickly stocks of knifes but also other typical home items deplete during Moving In Weekend and even during the weeks after that. When they do eventually come back though, you will find you need to be 21 years old to buy most knives, something I didn’t know or expect!

7. First Aid Kit – This is typically the kind of thing you will always have in your home but don’t necessarily think of bringing with you. Definitely stock up on some simple painkillers, Strepsils, band-aids, nose sprays and decongestants. It can’t hurt to put some vitamins in there as well because your immune system is likely to take a hit, what with all the coughing and sneezing in lecture theatres and the infamous fresher’s flu.

8. Pictures – Bringing a few family and friend pictures with you to hang up in your room is a super easy way of making your place feel homier and hopefully make you feel slightly less homesick. I will write a post with tips on how to make your new room feel like your old one soon!

9. A go-to cosy outfit and a go-to night out outfit – This speaks for itself really. It is equally important to have a set of clothes you feel comfortable and warm in and a great night-out outfit. Sometimes you will decide to go out rather spontaneously and having that one really good outfit always ready so you don’t have to worry about what to wear is super useful!

10. Extension cord – Last but not least, an extension cord is a really practical item to bring with you as it will allow you to have all your cables in one place and just provides a lot of flexibility.

Hope this helps! Have fun packing!!

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