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#10 Dos and Don’ts of Packing for Uni

You’re packing up your stuff about to leave for your first term of Uni. You’ve got your laptop, toothbrush and favourite clothes. You’ve looked on Student Room to see if anyone has any tips on the sorts of things you should bring with you and adjusted your suitcase accordingly. But, you’re sure there must be other helpful things to bring.


What you need is someone on the inside with three years experience of doing Uni who can give you pro tips about what to bring and what not to bring.


That’s where I come in. Enjoy!

  1. Don’t bring loads of pots and pans. In reality, you only need one or two and if everyone in your flat brings 3, you’ll have way too many.

  2. Do bring seasonal clothes. You won’t need shorts for most of the first term. You will need a coat though. PRO TIP: Sunglasses are surprisingly helpful on the bright winter mornings of Term 1 and early Term 2.

  3. Don’t bring a bike. You probably don’t need one to get around. It might be useful if you live in one of the accommodations which are further from central campus. But even if you do, the University has bikes you can rent which are pretty handy.

  4. Do bring something to share with your new flatmates. Everyone likes cake, what can I say?

  5. Don’t forget money to buy some posters for your room. There’s always an amazing poster sale at the beginning of term and it’s a really good way of adding character to your new place.

  6. Do bring board games, a football, a frisbee and just general stuff to do with your new flatmates. Doing something together is a good way to get to know people.

  7. Don’t come totally unprepared for independent life: Having basic skills in cooking and doing the laundry is recommended. You don’t need to be a culinary master, but some skills will set in a good stead for feeding yourself.

  8. Do bring a lot of underwear. Bring more than you think. The quantity of underwear you have determines how often you have to do the laundry, and no one likes doing laundry.

  9. Do bring an open mind: prepare to meet some amazing people who come from different walks of life, different social backgrounds, different worldviews and different nations. Warwick gives you a great opportunity to learn more about the world and how complex and bewildering it is. This melting pot is what makes Warwick so dynamic and interesting. I’ve learnt so much about the world and I didn’t even have to leave Coventry!

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