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#1 – Something new

As a mature student living on campus, I believe my experience is a unique one. Most of the people I went to school with are currently expecting their second child, getting on the property ladder, or utilising their degrees and progressing through their careers (at least according to their Instagrams). Meanwhile, at the age of 27, I am starting a new chapter in my life and starting an Education Studies degree here at Warwick, and it’s rather exciting.

We’re well into our 6 week of the degree and my cohort and I are beginning to settle in to our new environment. We have covered the assimilation and accommodation theory by Jean Piaget, which states that children develop models, or ‘schemas’ to understand the world around them and change these models when confronted with a new concept, or situation. It’s interesting because that seems to be exactly what we as leaners are doing when confronted with this new, sometimes scary, world of higher education. Being a small cohort (13 – 16 depending on the module) definitely has its advantages, it makes getting to know everyone a much less daunting task and means we were able to set up a WhatsApp group that isn’t too bombarded with messages.

Even in this early stage of the course we have experienced a great variety of subject matter and teaching methods. My favourite module so far has been EQ101 – Contemporary Educational Issues, because it involves asking the big questions such as: “what is education?” and “what does it mean to be educated?”. On top of this, in future weeks the module looks at the political issues in education, which is of great interest to an aspiring civil servant like myself.

The learning is of course only one aspect of life here at Warwick. I spend most of my time in my accommodation which is, as luck would have it, lovely. Our flat in Sherbourne is what I would call the ‘penthouse’ flat – top floor with a great view from the kitchen. It’s about 15 minutes to walk into campus from our flat (10 minutes with my long legs) and the journey is peppered with attractive buildings and many, many geese. So far, I’m extremely happy with my decision to live on campus as I’ve met a great bunch of people in my flat. However, due to the limited parking options I’m starting to get withdrawal symptoms from not having my car ready to go at a moment’s notice. Luckily, the public transport is adequate and the free shuttle bus to Westwood campus is a life safer on a Thursday morning.

This is my first time writing a blog and I hope you have enjoyed getting a very brief insight into the world of Education Studies, if you have any specific questions about the course do pop them in the comments and I will endeavour to answer them. If you are just generally interested in educational matters do come back for more entries, where I will look to go into more depth around the issues that we cover in class.

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