“You can cut all the flowers but you cannot keep spring from coming” – OurWarwick

“You can cut all the flowers but you cannot keep spring from coming”

"You can cut all the flowers but you cannot keep spring from coming."

– Pablo Neruda

That’s right, as the end of term draws to a close; it seems the sun has finally decided to make an appearance. Unfortunately for me, I spent last weekend busily working on an essay about the representation of the female figure in contemporary Latin American literature. In fact, it was the last essay I will have to do for my Hispanic Studies Language, Text and Identity in the Hispanic World module which thankfully this year is completely coursework based. In fact, after completing four 2,500-word essays over the course of the year, during the Easter break we get a chance to revise our best two which are submitted for summative assessment, and which will form our mark for this module.

Nevertheless, I did take a couple of hours to enjoy the sunshine and the truly beautiful campus here at Warwick…



Although as of Friday, we are officially on our five and a half week Easter holiday, like quite a few people, I decided to stay on a few more days to get some work out of the way, to make use of the library and just generally to sort myself out I suppose before returning home to the chaos of my family moving house. Luckily for me, my accommodation is a 39-week let which covers the both the Easter and Christmas holidays. However, there are a few campus residences including the fairly popular Jack Martin and Arthur Vick which are only 30-week lets, meaning of course you have to completely move out of your accommodation come the holidays. This is definitely something worth considering when applying for your accommodation on campus, particularly if you are an international student or live a long way from home.

I honestly cannot believe that I am already at the end of my second term of university. Before starting, people always told me that the time would fly by and how right they were! It won’t be long and I will have to start thinking about flights to Chile as hopefully if all goes to plan, I should be starting at the end of July. One thing for sure is that there is A LOT of paperwork involved! I have just uploaded my first file of documents, letters of recommendation and application forms to the university and now over the holidays I really need to start thinking about visas and accommodation. I shall keep you informed! I am definitely ready for a bit of a break though, the last couple of weeks have been as busy as ever and with the prospect of starting yet more essays, revision and a heap of grammar work over the holidays, I think I now need a few days of recuperation a little before I get stuck into work.

Shrove Tuesday…

flat 60

…flat 60 pancake making…

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Literature and Languages Ball 2014…

lit and lang ball

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